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Good Shepherd Matriculation Higher Secondary

“The Good Shepherd’s approach and care differs for each person, according to each one’s need and situation.” - St. Mary Euphrasia Pelletier


At Good Shepherd Convent Schools, every person matters! During this time of jubilation, we thank the Shepherd God for His abundant love for humanity and for all His blessings that sustained our mission over the last 100 years! We are grateful to our foundational pillars - Sisters, teachers, staff, benefactors, parents, students and alumni,for their partnership and commitment. You are the reason for the growth of this noble mission!

Throughout our journey, Good Shepherd Convent School has remained dedicated to fostering a love for learning and personal development, preparing humane humans who demonstrate compassion and courage. We've empowered our students to dream big, to pursue their passions, and to become responsible global citizens. The centenary is a reminder that our mission remains constant - to provide an exceptional education that equips our students for the future.

Relevant education is about more than just preparing students for standardized tests. It's about preparing them for life. It's about instilling a lifelong love of learning which contributes to the holistic growth of every person to be a beautiful version of themselves. It's also about fostering social and emotional intelligence, as well as spiritual, ethical and global perspectives.

How can we collectively shift our mindset from “What is in it for me?” to “What can I contribute to society”? At Good Shepherd, we consider the classrooms as sacred places which facilitate this transformation from ego-centric to eco-centric individuals, where the students are change agents and the teachers are mentors who hold the space for the students to shift from I, me, myself to We, you, us! Through a plethora of experiential activities, the students are taught to be the change they want to see at home, school, society and the larger system, valuing the dignity of each person, showing love and respect for all creation, demonstrating trustworthiness and accountability.

We are happy to launch Good Shepherd Centenary School following the CISCE board of education for boys and girls, in response to the changing times. This school will offer the students new opportunities to learn in an integrated syllabus- with technology-enabled facilities and the ambiance of green spaces, developing the leadership of every student through volunteerism and activism.

We whole-heartedly welcome the parents and children to admit in one of the two streams of education, as per your interests. May the years of schooling take the children to a new horizon, benefiting them and the entire human community.

The past was really beautiful; the experiences of inclusive cooperation and unity for mission was miraculous and so shall be the future, I strongly believe.

As St. Mary Euphrasia says,

“If you always love one another, if you always uphold one another,you will be capable of working wonders!”

Looking forward to your continued cooperation and co-responsibility in bringing up socially responsible persons for the good of everyone in the world.

Together, we can co-create a kinder, compassionate, merciful, and a loving wonderful world.

Sr. Aruna George